Greetings from the WaitLessCY Team! This application is designed to help people in Cyprus during these difficult times and we would like to share it with you. The application offers real-time information regarding how crowded various stores in Cyprus are. We combine existing data sources and data that our users share, as well as data that are provided directly by the stores' managers, to ensure that our users receive the most accurate information possible. We would like to clarify here, that this initiative is being carried out by our team without any personal profit and that our goal is to encourage people to visit stores when they are not overcrowded. If you feel like helping during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can simply install and use the application so you can contribute to this effort. Find the most appropriate time to do your shopping by downloading the app for FREE from the Google Play Store. Use it and Share it for better accuracy!

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Free to Use

The WaitLessCY application is FREE to use. Our application is designed to help the consumers in Cyprus, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay Safe and Save Time

Get real-time info regarding the traffic of the different stores. Avoid non-essential movement and decide when to visit your preferred store.

Get Informed and Inform Others

1. Activate the location service of your device.

2. Open the WaitLessCY app and simply let it run in the background during your visit to the store.


1. WaitLessCY shows your nearby stores.

2. Store managers can provide the traffic information directly.

3. Create an SMS for 8998.

4. Pharmacies, bakeries and other services can also be added along with supermarkets.


Why Wait if you can WaitLess?

WaitLessCY shows your nearby (and other) stores in ascending order based on distance. It also provides useful information about the stores including their opening hours, address, phone number and e-mail address. All necessary information regarding the traffic in real-time can also be provided directly by the store managers who can also post useful announcements for the consumers to see. This application is the first one in Cyprus that can assist you with the creation of the permission-of-movement SMS that can be sent to 8998.

The WaitLessCY team informs you that pharmacies, bakeries and couriers can be added in its platform. These companies now have the opportunity to inform their customers about the traffic in their shops, through the WaitLessCY application. If you find our team’s initiative useful, please share this message with the employers or employees of these companies to inform them that they can now contact us!!

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